Ancestors Week


Samhain Approaches

Join us for our Ancestors Ball

Friday November 2nd

Each year as the days get shorter and the autumn comes into its fullness, the veil between the worlds gets thinner. In myriad traditions, this time of year marks when the living and the dead come closest to inhabiting the same realm and when the beloved dead are among us. It is not a time of mourning, per se, but a time of communing with ancestors who have brought us here and now, who have bestowed upon us sacred gifts and responsibilities. At the Ball, we shall dance.

We dance with our ancestors.

We dance as our ancestors.

We dance seen by our queer-cestors and trans-cestors

Unsure of what to wear to the ball? Here are some ideas:

Consider dressing up as a beloved ancestor of your chosen or blood family. Create a look or paint a mask that channels an individual, a spirit, or a creature that connects to your sense of ancestry and heritage, as a queer, as a human, as anything.

Join us and revel in the living, the dead, and the space in between.

Shane Graff