A Beltaine Visitor


by Sincera

On the eve of the first of May, whilst a band of friends and sweethearts lounged by the creek in delicious repose, a sudden clamoring of bells announced the arrival of a visitor. Adorned with intricate jewels and medals and a glittering crown, She strode gently to the edge of the creek where the humans lay, a small entourage with her as she arrived. Though I do believe she spoke her name, it somehow escapes me, but I remember her presence, inviting and magical, and I remember some of what she said: while she knew of the great human struggles in this physical realm of earth, the magic of the Faerie Isles was here, around us and within us, if only we realized our own magic. Her words linger, like the glowing sky at dusk on a summer evening. Thank you, mysterious queen, for your arrival. Blessings until you choose to visit us again.

Desiree Cervantes