Beltaine Visions

“Round and round,
‘Neath a magic spell,
Velvet gown, pink lapel.
Life is a colorful carousel,
Reckless and terribly gay!”
-from The Fantasticks


Visitors came from near and far to commune our queer selves together in community with grand feasting, bold laughter, and sweet touch at this year’s Beltaine gathering. The ground shook with our dancing feet and words of loving embrace and rebirth. Thank you for creating it with us! 

If you weren’t able to make it, fear not! More will come. We hope to see old faces and new at our beautiful retreat center! Groundswell Community and Retreat Center continues to be a place co-created by everyone who visits to work and play. We look forward to seeing you on the land for an event or a work weekend.

Until we see you, blessed be.  

Desiree Cervantes