Into The Woods: A Reflection On Last Year

By Grace Towers


Into The Woods allowed me to nurture in nature with a group of creative, engaging and intentional group of people.  

As a queer in San Francisco, the hustle of the city can be overwhelming at times. When I decided to curate Into The Woods in 2017 for the first time, it was an opportunity to ask myself how I wanted to experience this space that is Groundswell Community and Retreat center. Did I want to go on hikes and learn about the land and its history? Did I want to enjoy the ritual of shared meals with other like minded queer and trans individuals? Did I want to build stronger bonds with friends and new connections alike through vulnerability, intimacy, and massage workshops? Or did I want to enjoy sight specific performance and artistic development or creative engagement in an amazingly beautiful natural setting? The answer : Yes and.


It's been a year since we launched our first rendition of Into The Woods and we have had some time to think about how to make it an unforgettable experience for us all. This year we focus on supporting intentional, inter-generational exchange via the arts. We look into how we can deepen a connection to Self, develop a connection to the land, and explore connection with others.

Desiree Cervantes