We steward 200 acres of mostly steep forest and grasslands, located on the edge of the Anderson Valley in southern Mendocino County, about two hours’ drive from the San Francisco Bay Area.

The land features redwood groves, a year-round creek, a swimming pond, and spectacular upland views. On the residential side of our property we tend gardens and livestock, and we place a high value on environmental sensitivity, both in our business and in our community life.

Rancheria Creek runs through Groundswell, dividing the land between redwood forest and oak-studded hillside. Up the steep forest slopes, seasonal watercourses line the way to our spring-fed quarter-acre pond, which provides space for respite and reflection. Near the highest point on the land stands Grandfather Cedar, overlooking the farm, creek, forests, and hills. Acting as the physical and spiritual center of the land, this incense cedar towers over its many seedlings, settled in serpentine rock.

Less than 40 acres of Groundswell’s land is easily accessible or developed. The majority remains deep redwood forest, the province of deer and other woodland creatures. It is our goal to keep it so. We aim to tend this beautiful Northern California environment with reverence, respecting the natural systems that were here long before we were.

Like much of what is now Mendocino County, this land formed part of the territory of the Pomo peoples until the coming of white colonizers. Sadly, there is no tribal presence in the Anderson Valley today, though several Pomo groups survive in the larger region. We recognize that we are interlopers here, and do our best to honor the spirit of the indigenous inhabitants by recognizing that this, like all of Mother Earth, is sacred ground.


Our land community includes Disabled folks and Groundswell is committed to working to remove barriers that keep Disabled queers from joining us on the land. We have retrofitted our dining hall, hot tub, bath facilities, and largest cabin (with van-accessible parking) to meet ADA specifications. While parts of our terrain are very steep, and we can’t remove the barriers that nature has created, we are committed to removing institutional and cultural barriers that limit participation for all queer and like-minded people. Please feel free to contact us with any specific access questions.