Since the start of the Groundswell land project in 2014, hundreds of folks have come to this land to co-create spaces that honor and serve our collective queer community. People come to play, to hold heart space, to connect with nature, to heal from the ways that the mainstream world has hurt us, and to revel in our fabulosity as queers. These things are no small feat. It is a phenomenon in the culture of radical queers that such a place exists.

Groundswell allows queer people space away from the normative world to find ourselves, to engage with community, to keep growing as queers, and to develop and utilize our queer magic. doing this healing work is essential for our well being.

As we grow, our offerings grow. We are committed to creating and holding space for queer, trans, and POC people to gather, to heal, and to revel in our uniqueness. We value intergenerational exchange. We offer full and partial scholarships for our community gatherings to make them more accessible to those who face economic hardship. We provide the space for gatherings that more specifically aim to create safer spaces for trans folx and POC queers (such as Into The Woods and Vamonos: Into The Woods). We are working on creating a gathering that specifically serves people in the Disabled community. We acknowledge that the way to offer and create healing spaces for different groups of queers is a continuing conversation, and we invite dialogue with groups who are interested in partnering with us in order to utilize this incredible space. As a process oriented community, we learn and grow more every day.

Groundswell is still quite young. It costs considerable resources (labor and money) to maintain our facility and keep this project running. There are many ways to support us, whether by purchasing higher-tier tickets to our gatherings, becoming a member of our Cahoots program, joining us for a work party, or offering us any tools, materials, or equipment you are interested in contributing. Or, you can support our work with a one-time contribution now!

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Your participation and contributions make Groundswell possible!

Thank you!