Queer Community Gatherings at Groundswell


What is a queer community gathering?

Marginalized communities have ancient traditions of retreating into smaller, set away spaces secluded from the larger, often-oppressive world. Community gatherings are events for particular groups (such as queer people in general, trans people, and queer and trans people of color) to come together to connect, revel, and heal.

Who creates these community gatherings?

Community gatherings are co-created by all attendees! Groundswell plays host to a number of community events each year, but the gatherings truly belong to everyone who is involved.

Who are these gatherings for? Who may attend?

Each gathering has its own themes and intentions. Many of them are broadly for all types of queer people, while some are for more specific, marginalized groups of people, such as queer and trans people of color. The call of each gathering will state if the gathering is being created for queer people in general or for queers of a particular group/life experience. Because we have many community gatherings each year, there are ample opportunities for all to attend events.

I’m not queer. Is it okay if I come to a gathering?

Groundswell is not an exclusive space. We do not require that everyone coming here must identify as queer, but we expect all our guests to respect that this is queer land, maintained by and for queer people. And we’re not interested in explaining queer lifestyles to those who aren’t familiar with them. Groundswell is a place for participants, not spectators. So if you’re straight and just want to relax in nature, we urge you to look elsewhere. However, we welcome kindred spirits who are comfortable in our culture and committed to learning from and being allies with queers, as well as folks questioning their gender or sexual or personal identity.

Is Groundswell accessible for folks with disabilities?

Our land community includes Disabled folks and Groundswell is committed to working to remove barriers that keep disabled queers from joining us and adding to our collective wisdom and revelry. Groundswell is situated on 200 acres of very steep forest land and our terrain is physically challenging. We have retrofitted our dining hall, hot tub, bath facilities, and largest cabin (including van accessible parking) to meet ADA specifications. While we are limited by the barriers nature has put in our terrain, Groundswell is committed to removing institutional and cultural barriers that limit participation for all queer and like minded peoples. Please feel free to contact us with any specific access questions.